Updated: June 3rd 2012

Welcome to HeartWar.NET the love battefield network! This is Misaki's domain where she hosts her projects.

about the domain

HeartWar.NET first opened on Febuary 13th 2011 with the intention of a 'new start' over my previous anime/manga domain, Wasurenaide.ORG. What was wrong with it previously? Well nothing. That was the whole problem - there was nothing there. It was pretty much neglected and ironically, forgotten (Wasurenaide in Japanese means 'Don't Forget').

Admittedly, the domain has not been updated as much as I wished it to be but then I realise the only times I really work on my domain is during holidays. So expect sporadic updates during the summer (or Winter if you're in the US).

The name 'HeartWar' was greatly inspired by John Mayer's 'Heartbreak Warfare'. Taking the first words of each other words, I joined them together and hence got 'HeartWar'. It's probably my most favourite domain name so far and I'm happy that I thought of it. The tagline is the love battlefield network which is befitting.

You're currently viewing Version 2 (.1). Why the '.1' you might ask? Well I actually did already have another Version 2 layout coded early last year...it just never came online. And as I left it sitting there, gathering dust, it somehow lost it's magic. I still very much like it but I thought it would be good to attempt again.

Version 2.1 features two unknown characters from an image taken from e-shuushuu. It's best viewed in Google Chrome and 1024x768 resolutions and up.

about the owner

I’m Misaki (internet alias) and I live in Australia. No, I don’t have a pet kangaroo but I do have 2 dogs who are my babies. I’m 19 and in my third year at university, studying Pharmacy. One day, I’m hoping to take a postgraduate degree in Information Technologies.

I’m an avid fan of reading, writing and music. Those are honestly my life. My music collection is never static. My brain is also eager to devour a new book or write down flashes of scenes, emotions etc that sometimes goes in my head. An aspiring dream of mine is to become a writer.

I adore pretty, girly and cute stuff but don’t brand me as a girly girl because I also love my geekery. Probably wouldn’t last a day without internet and if I did, I’m sure I’ll feel the void very acutely (withdrawal symptoms anyone?). I like building computers, taking them apart and building them again. I love playing games, perhaps a little too much, but they are my catharsis when I’m feeling angry and want to go kill something without having to go to jail (lol).

‘Being shy can be mistaken for snobbery’

That quote above pretty much sums me up in real life. I’m a little shy when it comes to being in big groups of people who I’m not familiar with but put me together with my best friend and I won’t shut up.


the network

Welcome to the pitiful section that is considered the 'network'. Due to my commitments with uni, it's pretty much remained static with very little updates but I still very much love each project.

Daybreak is my fanlisting collective, originally connected to the main domain but then it got too messy. My passion for fanlistings has been dewindling of late, however I do still very much love them.

Online • Since September 9th, 2010.

Into the Dark is my tribute to the relationship between Ogami and Sakura (Code:Breaker). While it's far from perfect, I'm very proud of this tribute since the couple is just fanon and from a shounen series.

Work in Progess • Since September 9th, 2010.

Colour of Fate is my one-page shrine and fanlisting for Zen and Shirayuki (Akagami no Shirayuki). Initially meant to be a fully-fledged shrine butI didn't like the direction it was going in. Perhaps one day I'll expand on it.

Work in Progess • Since September 9th, 2010.

Eternity is a small shrine dedicated to the beautiful, captivating manhwa, Nabi. It's my first shrine and therefore needs rewriting and more updates (when I find the motivation) In the meantime, you can still visit it.

Open Hiatus - 65% • Since July 5th, 2010.

the projects

These are upcoming projects that I intend on working on and creating. Mind you, I change my mind on things quite quickly and therefore even if it's listed here, it might never really occur. Notice that most of my shrines, or intended shrines are relationship shrines? Yes, this is the 'HeartWar' domain afterall, hahaha. Those listed on the top are on higher priority but like I said, I'm random.

  • Dengeki Daisy ; dedication to Kurosaki and Teru (perhaps a 1 page shrine)
  • Skip Beat ; dedication to Kyoko and/or Ren (perhaps a 1 page shrine)


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